First Writings

by Hilang Child



Track Listing:

1. Chaturanga
2. At Rhossili
3. Little Sun (An Intermission)
4. Red Seeds

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released 24 November 2013

Musicians: Ed Riman, Will Dewsbury, Aimeé Ingham, Emily Pieckzo, Laura Pim, Tom Roach, David Rowland, Bronwen Tuohy, Matt Warner, Fernando Heftye, Jennie Whitehouse-Vaux, Tess Hirst

Production: Fernando Heftye (Track 1), Tom Roach (Tracks 2, 3 & 4), Ed Riman (Track 3)

All songs written by Ed Riman




all rights reserved


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Track Name: Chaturanga
In Winter embers glowed on the dying ground
We lay down, alone on the coldest stone

Wooden mountain homes burned to the skies
Dancing as the grey pillars rose all night

We played Chaturanga that night

We awoke in evening light, ice turned to snow
And washed the ancient clothes so we could go

To the garden of another
To the garden of another
Full of bracken